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Blonde Nymphette

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

reese witherspoon naked

With a knack for playing adorable charmers who don’t take no for an answer, Reese Witherspoon zoomed from critics’ darling to A-list star with the box-office success of the collegiate comedy Legally Blonde where she played the ultimate dumb blonde sorority chick. Her unflappable Blonde role as Elle Woods spawned a sequel that earned this golden haired lolita a $15 million paycheck! Another unforgettable portrayal is that of another blonde floozy, Tracy Flick in the movie Election, wherein she plays the overly ambitious teen strumpet who’s fucking her highschool teacher.

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But it was her portrayal of crooner June Carter Cash in Walk the Line that got her that golden Best Actress Oscar statuette just days before her 30th birthday. That year of triumph ended with a bummer when her seven-year marriage to Cruel Intentions costar Ryan Philippe went to the dogs and ended in divorce. But Witherspoon picked up the pieces, moving on by dating other men and landing new movie roles.

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