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June 23rd, 2010 by laura

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With a knack for playing adorable charmers who don’t take no for an answer, Reese Witherspoon zoomed from critics’ darling to A-list star with the box-office success of the collegiate comedy Legally Blonde where she played the ultimate dumb blonde sorority chick. Her unflappable Blonde role as Elle Woods spawned a sequel that earned this golden haired lolita a $15 million paycheck! Another unforgettable portrayal is that of another blonde floozy, Tracy Flick in the movie Election, wherein she plays the overly ambitious teen strumpet who’s fucking her highschool teacher.

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But it was her portrayal of crooner June Carter Cash in Walk the Line that got her that golden Best Actress Oscar statuette just days before her 30th birthday. That year of triumph ended with a bummer when her seven-year marriage to Cruel Intentions costar Ryan Philippe went to the dogs and ended in divorce. But Witherspoon picked up the pieces, moving on by dating other men and landing new movie roles.

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Check Out Reese Witherspoon’s Pussy As She Spreads It Wide

December 12th, 2008 by laura

Some people are surprised by Reese Witherspoon’s sexuality, because they’re used to seeing her in her box-office blockbuster roles, like as Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” and its sequel, or her romcom “Sweet Home Alabama“.  In those movies, she’s a wholesome but loveable babe, yet doesn’t exhude sex.  They should go back to one of her breakthrough films, which was “Cruel Intentions“, to get a glimpse of how sexy Reese Witherspoon can be.  Hey, it got the Sexiest Love Scene Award in 2000 from the Teen Choice Awards, for Reese and Ryan Philippe‘s performance, so it’s got to have some sizzle.

Maybe that movie is what Reese is thinking about in these photos, where we see her getting into some self-pleasure by getting naked and playing with her pussy.  Or at least about to play with her pussy, because she’s mostly just stretching it open in these pics.  Well, whatever she does with it, it’s still hot watching her do it!  The first pic looks like it was shot back then, too, with Reese looking younger than she does now, post-June Carter Cash.  That means she’s been stretching that cunny for some years now.  Wow!  She’s one horny little slut, ain’t she?  In the third image she’s even using some instrument to really get that pussy open.  Clearly she’s got some kinky fetish and it’s getting worse.

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Reese Witherspoon Caught Naked In Her Dressing Room

December 12th, 2008 by laura

Looks like some paparazzi caught Reese Witherspoon unprepared inside her dressing room, as she’s got nothing on except for that one shoe, which she’s holding and isn’t even wearing!  Well, that’s something she’s got to get used to when you’re hot Hollywood property like her.  Those tabloid photographers are relentless in their stalker ways, though I guess we do have to be grateful to them sometimes, because otherwise, we wouldn’t have had this image to titillate us and help us satisfy ourselves carnally.  I mean, here are Reese Witherspoon’s perky boobies on display, and not just her tits, but her smoothly shaved pussy is also visible to all of us horny admirers of this Southern cutie.  That’s the body Ryan Philippe used to bang for all those years that they were married, and though it’s not a perfect, Playboy-bunny type bod, it’s still hot for us, because it’s Reese’s!

Yes, if you’ve got the hots for her, it’s not because she’s some sexpot, but because she’s a sexy n’ cute Southern-fried girl-next-door.  Check out her goodies in other pics and videos by clicking on this link over here and fulfill all your Elle Woods fantasies right now!

Reese Witherspoon’s Naughty Topless Holiday

December 3rd, 2008 by laura

If you have a thing for this cute little blonde, then you’ll wish you were on holiday at the same place she went to when these pics were taken, because she got really naughty during her impromptu vacation, and even flashed a boob or two at lucky guys who happened to be around.  Luckily, there were some photos taken of those moments, and so now we have images of Reese Witherspoon and her juicy boobies.  They look a lot bigger when she was lying down somewhere in the yacht she was on, and they look so lovely, large and globular perched there on her chest.  When she’s standing and flashing a titty for the camera in fun, they look more like the size they’re supposed to be at.  Whether she’s got ’em small and perky or she gets work done to make them bigger, they’ll always look appetizing to anyone who’s got the hots for her and her Southern charms!  So next time you see her on vacation, keep an eye out for those naughty, randy moments, where she’ll just indulge her urges and give the world a peek at her perky chest cupcakes and her horny, kinky desires.

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